Configuring Oqton FactoryOS™ to support industry verticals

Blog 09.10.2019

Oqton FactoryOS™ can now be configured to support end-to-end workflows of specific manufacturing processes for specialized industries. These specialized industries call for additive and hybrid manufacturing. However, this requires expensive technical software, complicated workflows and extensive training. Oqton FactoryOS™ meets all these demands in its end-to-end AI production system. It pairs real production data with simulations to provide AI-powered engineering automation, optimizing production outcomes and maximizing factory efficiency.

For example, FactoryOS™ can be configured to support an automated dental workflow for additive manufactured parts such as crowns and stents, or subtractive machined parts, and/or hybrid additive and subtractive processes.
AI algorithms are leveraged to automate the workflows and the user interface is streamlined to only support features that are most relevant to the specific processes utilized by the dental organization. Customers may also customize the user interface further if they so wish.

Similar to dental, the customizable configurations may be applied to any industrial process such as medical, mold and die, light industrial, aerospace etc. These configurations may be even more custom to support the production of very specific parts (e.g. pump impellers).