Extending Oqton FactoryOS™ platform

Blog 07.10.2019

Oqton FactoryOS™ is an end-to-end AI production system that supports all aspects of the manufacturing production. As a single system it tightly connects manufacturing software and hardware replacing multiple disconnected applications. Thus, resulting in drastic reduction in costs, rapid new product introductions and general improvements in quality and repeatability.

Integrated on an open and extendable cloud platform, delivered using consumer-level user experience, and using AI technology to capture production knowledge, Oqton FactoryOS™ enables true scalable engineering automation. It can be implemented at the machine level, the production line level, or across factories. And this without years of costly consulting engagements.

The platform can be easily expanded by the customers with extensions to support new features or processes. For example, a new simulation tool or new material model can be added to the user interface. It is even possible to integrate a new machine. The intellectual property for such extensions however will remain private and solely the property of the organization providing them. The flexible and adaptable platform meets the specific demands of the customers and enables an optimized workflow throughout the whole manufacturing process.