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Samir Hanna on Bringing Intelligence to Manufacturing – ITAP 2018 Main Stage

Oqton co-founder and CEO, Samir Hanna, spoke on the main stage at the Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) conference in Singapore last week on the topic of Bringing Intelligence to Manufacturing.


In the news

Bringing the “vision of autonomous manufacturing to reality” – TCT Magazine

Ben Schrauwen talks with TCT Magazine about how Oqton is addressing autonomous manufacturing and the factory of the future.



Learning how to be lean: AI as the key to continuous improvement

AI and machine learning are poised to turbocharge lean manufacturing, as their continuously-improving models translate into continuously-improving operations on the factory floor.



From automation to autonomy: how the new era of robots will revolutionize manufacturing

“Automation” and “autonomy”, though often conflated, are distinct concepts in industrial manufacturing. Autonomy has incredible potential, but in order to achieve it, the robots are going to have to be able to program - and reprogram - themselves.



Three Takeaways from IMTS 2018

This year's IMTS show was a record-breaker in size and scope, an amazing showcase of manufacturing technology. Here we will share a few of our key impressions.



Moving toward large-scale production planning in additive manufacturing

Planning and scheduling for additive manufacturing at a factory scale opens up an incredible array of possibilities, but also poses challenges. This paper discusses ways to optimize the process and incorporate the best aspects of 3D printing and traditional manufacturing together to create a better future for everyone.


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