Turn your factory into an 
adaptive production power house

Oqton FactoryOS delivers a completely new approach to manufacturing.

Because it tightly connects manufacturing hardware and software, it streamlines previously manual trial-and-error and highly specialized routine tasks, reducing the need for extended operator training or machine testing time.

Our Approach

Oqton FactoryOS™

Integrated on a single platform, FactoryOS breaks down the silos between manufacturing processes, allowing them to inform each other. Production becomes agile and adaptive. AI algorithms uncover efficiency patterns from real factory data and apply them to process planning and real-time optimization.

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The factory operating system offers a critical capability set…

  • A holistic solution for managing, programming, and monitoring your complete facility
  • An integrated AI engine to quickly manage change in complex systems
  • Manufacturing expertise generated from production data, enabling informed decision-making

That supports smart manufacturing objectives

  • High mix, short runs, or batch-size-of-one processing
  • Multipurpose facilities that quickly adapt to new demand
  • Increased productivity and flexibility
manufacturing platform
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