Digital Twin

Reduce engineering overhead and production downtime by building and testing scenarios on a digital twin—a continuously synched virtual duplicate of the factory. FactoryOS continuously captures current data from the facility and integrates it with historical information, maintaining an accurate digital representation of the facility.


This real-time simulation uses predictive insights to identify issues before they can cause unplanned downtime. Use it to virtually develop and rapidly test multiple programming scenarios to find the optimal solution—a process too expensive and time-consuming to be performed in the real factory.

The FactoryOS digital twin allows you to test, optimize and verify solutions before you implement them—and to make predictive decisions that save time and reduce errors.

Continuous Synching

Constant data flow keeps digital twin models continuously in synch with their physical counterparts, for real-time accuracy and availability.

Adaptive Simulation

Use both historic and immediate factory data to determine the most optimal plan under dynamic conditions and in real time.

Virtual Commissioning

Scenarios are tested to identify and resolve issues digitally and optimize and verify solutions before implementing them, slashing engineering overhead and downtime.

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