Tightly connect your manufacturing hardware with your design software on the FactoryOS platform, reducing the burden of costly, time-consuming engineering tasks and making it easy to quickly plan, prepare, and execute part fabrication.


Design files are automatically checked for manufacturability, flagging any issues before fabrication begins. Design enhancement reports—validated against your real historical production data—can be generated to improve part performance and reduce cost, adding value for your customer. The factory operating system suggests process configurations based on design requirements and machine parameters, reducing engineering bottlenecks and improving machine output.

FactoryOS streamlines fabrication and maximizes utilization across machines and methods with intelligent fabrication tools and closed-loop data.

Design Enhancement Reports

Automatically generated design enhancement reports provide suggestions to reduce costs and improve quality based on actual historical production data.

Automated Analysis and Repair

Powerful automatic analysis and repair functionality for both solids and meshes streamlines fabrication by minimizing manual review time.

Real-Time Process Simulation

Real-time simulation of the current state of production provides the opportunity to make in situ adjustments or even replan for optimal output.

Process Preparation

Optimal process configurations are suggested based on design and machine parameters, then machine instructions are automatically generated for the selection.

Multi-Machine and Process Linking

Fabrication processes can be optimized across multiple machines and methods, speeding production and maximizing machine utilization.

Generative Design Improvement

Built-in generative design tools suggest geometry adjustments that reduce manufacturing costs and/or improve part performance.

Automatic Feasibility Assessments

Feasibility assessments are performed on every design file, so issues are flagged before a part even begins fabrication.

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