AI-Driven Factory

Improve decision-making using insights from real-time and historical factory data. The FactoryOS AI layer analyzes information produced across the factory, leveraging it to generate recommendations that increase product quality and factory throughput.


FactoryOS combines simulation with machine control, intelligently adjusting machine behavior to achieve the required production outcomes. The AI pairs with your human manufacturing experts, tracking their input to enable future automation based on geometric similarity to previous parts produced.

The FactoryOS AI continuously learns from every new product, process, and production method it experiences—enabling it to develop entirely new methods of operation.

Insight, Automate and Control

Analyzes data from across the factory to inspect, warn, predict and control all aspects of the production process—and intelligently optimize and re-engineer workflows.

Adaptive Targeting

Evaluates complex tradeoffs to identify the best match between order requirements and machine or facility capabilities. Leverages real-time input for dynamic replanning in response to changing conditions or priorities.

Human-AI Partnership

Rapidly analyzes large quantities of data to provide new recommendations to human decision-makers. Handles mundane and routine tasks autonomously, freeing people up for tasks that require human creativity and intuition.

Continuous Learning

Constantly analyzes and learns from real production data, enabling continuous process improvement and the creation of entirely new—and previously impossible—methods of operation.

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