Industrial IoT

Capture and maintain data from multiple sources across the factory, enabling accurate part tracking and factory efficiency reporting. The FactoryOS industrial IoT layer gathers and structures the data needed for both real-time reporting and AI-driven analysis and insights.


The cloud platform draws information from multiple machines and processes, including manual processes and devices, to give you a complete picture of your operations. View error conditions by machine, react instantly to custom alerts and use anomaly detection and diagnosis to reduce unexpected downtime and optimize preventative maintenance scheduling.

FactoryOS industrial IoT capabilities provide real-time production, utilization, and asset maintenance status for all stakeholders—giving you full transparency into factory performance.

Multi-Source Collection

Real-time data can be collected from sensors located anywhere in the factory, on any machine, and in any manufacturing process—including manual processes and devices.

Data Aggregation

Structure and maintain large amounts of factory data from multiple sources, enabling part tracking, factory performance reporting, and AI-driven analysis and insights.

Real-Time Dashboards

Get real-time production, utilization, performance, and asset maintenance information, creating transparency for all factory stakeholders.

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