Boost quality and reliability using AI-based part inspection. FactoryOS makes the inspection process faster and more accurate, reducing waste and scrap with real-time quality alerts for out-of-spec tolerances so you can respond immediately.


AI-driven part inspection quickly reviews and reports on subtle defects that either humans or statistical sampling can miss. Or use the full historical digital thread to trace issues and further debug the quality process.

FactoryOS monitors and captures data on every part, identifying and minimizing the impact of production issues by uncovering problems as they happen.

Real-Time Process

Alerts are immediately generated when real-time quality data indicates out-of-spec tolerances so production issues can be addressed quickly.

Active Part Inspection

AI-based inspection has the speed and capacity to review every part on the line, capturing subtle defects that humans or statistical sampling might miss.

History Capture

A full history of every individually tested item generates a digital thread for traceability and manufacturing debugging.

Low-Cost Stations

Advanced algorithms built into FactoryOS support the creation of cost-effective state-of-the-art inspection workstations.

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