Tightly connect factory logistics to your production workflow for real-time flexibility that lets you adjust to changing conditions while running at peak efficiency.


The cloud-based factory operating system centralizes and analyzes data from across the factory, using current and historic information to predict demand, pinpoint delivery times, and order and route inventory. FactoryOS automatically plans across multiple stages of production, replanning as conditions change to optimize part movement. Packing and shipping are updated in response to order and timeline changes, making it easy to communicate updates to your customers.

FactoryOS keeps your logistics in sync with production—predicting demand, pinpointing delivery times, and routing inventory in real time—to optimize part movement through the factory.

Optimal Multi-Step Flow Planning

Part movement is optimized through multiple production stages, and adaptively replanned as needed to maximize time and resource efficiency.

Pull-Based Logistics

Demand and delivery times are predicted based on history and current factory status. Inventory is optimally ordered and routed from the warehouse to the line.

Packing, Shipping and Tracking

Instructions for packing and shipping are centrally managed along with production data, adapting or alerting on timeline changes to support customer requirements and communications.

AGV Planning and Control

AGV path planning and vehicle control are automatically generated in real time from the operating system, facilitating rapid development and change.

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