Order Management

Improve the accuracy and management of factory orders with sales and manufacturing data connected across the factory operating system.


The open platform brings in data from your ERP and your digital design files to centralize order status—tracking all part design and manufacturing data and enhancing traceability, reporting, reordering, and recall. FactoryOS builds fully integrated and automated closed-loop costing models that use real-time and historic production data to improve accuracy and reduce data entry and rework. Defined approval roles support accountability, and a powerful recommendation engine lets even non-experts own the quoting process and make informed price and quality tradeoff decisions.

FactoryOS enables accurate quoting and precision order tracking based on real-time factory data, keeping both you and your customers reliably informed.

ERP Integration

Easy integration with common ERP systems, enabling the platform to consume product and order requirements without rework or duplicate entry.

Common CAD Import

CAD data from all major file formats and all main mesh formats can be ingested, and versioning history is maintained for traceability.

Costing Improvements

Closed-loop data coming back from the production process continuously improves costing model accuracy.

Order Tracking and Reporting

All part design and manufacturing data is centralized for easier tracking, reporting, reordering and recall.

Automated Quoting Tools

Powerful recommendation engine enables even non-experts to own the quoting process and drive informed price/quality tradeoff decisions.

Part-Level Digital Thread

Each part in an order is tracked individually, generating a data-rich digital thread for every product produced.

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