Save valuable post-processing planning and execution time by automating and optimizing time-consuming and manual tasks. Design and production data is connected across the FactoryOS platform, making it possible to identify and implement planning and design enhancements early in the process—optimizing post-production workflows and reducing waste and rework.


Post-processing instructions are intelligently generated from the digital model. And data captured at every step of post-processing is fed back into the platform to optimize future workflows through machine learning.

FactoryOS reduces the burden of planning and executing post-processing workflows, facilitating high-mix low-volume production at scale.

Automated Workflows

Instructions for post-processing workflows are automatically generated from the digital model, reducing planning and programming time.

Single- and Multi-Step

Data is captured and analyzed at each step of post-processing, optimizing control of subsequent manual and automated processes—and continually improving processes over time through machine learning.

GD&T Aware

Design intent, such as surface finish and accuracy, is extracted from geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) data and referenced in all subsequent post-processing operations.

Design for Post-Processing

Design additions to accommodate post-processing needs, such as grippers and tooling, are automatically recommended and generated early in the process.

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