Using Oqton FactoryOS™ as a point application

Blog 09.20.2019

Oqton FactoryOS™ is an end-to-end AI production system that supports all aspects of the manufacturing process. The platform supports design, production preparation, scheduling, traceability, complete IIOT for monitoring and analysis, postprocessing and inspection.

While having one complete end-to-end system is very effective and offers tremendous efficiency, it is sometimes not possible for a manufacturing organization to adopt all these features at once. Now Oqton FactoryOS™ may be used for very specific functions with limited scope.

For example, the system may be used only for IIOT, product inspection, production preparation, or topology optimization etc. and by so meeting the specific needs of the manufacturing organization.
Even when FactoryOS™ is used as a point solution with limited scope, the entire feature-set of the system is still available, and the user-friendly interface enables the user to explore and use more features as the need arises.