The Operating System 
for intelligent factories

Oqton FactoryOS is an open cloud platform that tightly connects manufacturing software and hardware.

It pairs real production data with simulations, generating expert process functions that optimize production outcomes and maximize factory efficiency.

Maximize efficiency

optimal production plans

The AI-driven factory operating system couples design requirements with hardware capability, enabling it to recommend optimal production instructions for specific product and machine combinations. 

Quality is maximized, production cost is minimized, and customer demand is met. FactoryOS continuously learns and expands as it experiences new products, processes, and production methods.

Smart manufacturing

peak factory efficiency

Production planning is adaptive to changing factory conditions, because FactoryOS connects order requirements and machine status. Work cells are scheduled at optimal capacity and interdependent processes are organized to avoid unnecessary downtime. 

All accomplished with real-time flexibility that takes into account the changing demands of the actual factory.

Adaptive production

The factory
operating system
with intelligence


Manufacturers everywhere are ready for the smart factory vision to finally become a reality.

But for all the discussion, this vision is still unattainable for most. Its greatest threat is the traditionally siloed design-to-production manufacturing workflow that makes agility and adaptation time-consuming and expensive. The rare examples of Industry 4.0 solutions are homogenous, closed, and custom-built systems that work only “inside the box.”

Manufacturers need the ability to implement and realize the benefits of a digital ecosystem, one that supports the production of new and customized products and enables go-to-market agility that keeps pace with today’s rapid changes in demand.


Close the gap between
hardware and software

Reduce the need for expensive custom integrations between your fabrication solution and your hardware by connecting design requirements directly with the capabilities of your production equipment.

FactoryOS replaces manual tweaking of production processes with automated workflows, made possible by the tight integration of hardware and software. You get informed recommendations that optimize manufacturability and maximize your machines' capabilities.


Turn data into 
actionable insights

Data from your machines comes together with information from your ERP, logistics, and other systems on the open FactoryOS platform.

This sensor and operational data is coupled with simulations to create a variety of what-if scenarios, allowing you to increase overall utilization of your equipment and guiding improved decision-making across the organization.


production processes

FactoryOS creates an agile workflow between design, engineering, and production, enabling a digital thread between these typically siloed systems.

Simulations based on real-world factory data can now validate production plans without expending significant time and resources. These connections also bridge the many production processes in a factory, enabling exact monitoring and planning across potential work cells.

Connect production processes


Close the loop

The FactoryOS AI layer analyzes production results in real time and feeds that analysis back into the platform.

This closed loop allows the factory operating system to learn over time, enabling trend analysis and continuous improvement. Able to calculate scenarios in real time, the optimal solution is adapted to the actual factory environment.

Close the loop

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