AI-Powered Production System
for intelligent factories

FactoryOS™ is an end-to-end production platform that tightly connects manufacturing software and hardware. 

The system takes you on the journey to true AI-powered autonomous manufacturing, enabling a drastic reduction in costs, rapid new product introductions, and improvements in quality and repeatability.

Maximize efficiency

Open and
extendable cloud platform

Delivered using consumer-level user experience, and using AI technology to capture production knowledge, enabling true scalable engineering automation. 

Connects to new manufacturing equipment with ease. This connection ranges from IIoT to initiating production to full closed loop production. The extent of the machine integration depends on the specific machine and customer processes.

Integrates with most business systems used by organizations. Can easily be extended with workflows and tools that are customer or partner specific.

Smart manufacturing

Connected to the
production environment 

Capturing the full digital thread and providing complete visibility and traceability.

The built-in IIoT platform offers real-time monitoring, analysis, and even control when needed. All historical production data may be queried and mixed with other data to offer unique visibility. New devices and sensors are easily added.

This extended visibility is used to detect anomalies and improve production and machine maintenance processes.

Adaptive production


Inspection and identification

An Oqton machine demonstrating fully automated inspection and part identification. The machine has a single button press interface and offers <30μm accuracy. It is completely integrated in FactoryOS™.

It's completely integrated into FactoryOS platform and the results are included into the digital thread associated with the part. Custom reports may be generated as needed.


Topology optimization
ready for manufacturing

Topology optimized parts that meet the design criteria of weight and stiffness. A wide range of optimizations can quickly be explored and the results can be manufactured without additional steps.

Multiple of these parts on a build plate are shown here with topology optimized supports.


Topology optimized
layered nesting

Dense 3D nesting with topology optimized supports is just an example of what the platform can offer. In this case, the height of the stacked nest is determined by how long the operator wants the machine to print continuously,

The topology optimized supports do not touch any critical surfaces of any parts on the build plate.


Autonomous robotic
Wire + Arc Manufacturing (WAAM)

Autonomous WAAM that integrates planning and execution of the process. This is enabled by embedded AI inspection algorithms coupled with pre-analysis of part geometry and real-time calibration.

Online weld parameter monitoring and control, temperature sensing and 3D inspection enables real-time autonomous control of the WAAM process.


Autonomous robotics
support removal

Autonomous AM support removal using custom supports and a robotic clipper tool. This is enabled by embedded AI inspection algorithms coupled with pre-analysis of part geometry and real-time calibration.

A 3D Scanner coupled with the robot enables real-time autonomous control of the support removal process.


Automated hybrid
AM + CNC workflows

Hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing processes integrated into sequential synchronized workflows. This is especially useful in industries such as dental to produce high precision fittings.

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What our customers are saying


Our customers start productively using Oqton FactoryOS after only 3 hours of deployment training.
Oqton Reseller
We have been waiting for a system like this for years. It replaced 8 pieces of software for us.
US Dental Lab
Oqton FactoryOS helped us realize 2X increase in engineering productivity.
China Customer
Parts produced are better and cost up to 50% less with Oqton FactoryOS.
European Service Bureau
While other companies talk about Industry 4.0, Oqton actually delivers on the promises to midsize companies like ours.
Leading machine OEM

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