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How dental labs can increase productivity & lower costs with a Manufacturing OS


Dental labs are struggling to scale due to increasing demands on staff. A Manufacturing OS removes obstacles to growth by automating production for crown milling, bridge printing, and more.


Geomagic Design X Essentials


Have you been looking for a complete, affordable reverse engineering solution? Are you struggling with inefficiencies in your current process? You’re in luck – we’ve recently released Geomagic Design X Essentials.


Geomagic, 3DXpert, and Amphyon – now developed by Oqton


The acquisition of Oqton by 3D Systems has ushered in exciting developments, including new additions to our software portfolio. We’ll ensure these solutions are continuously improved and enhanced.


"Amnovis is amazed by Oqton's capabilities"


Emergent manufacturing and engineering company Amnovis specializes in using innovative additive manufacturing technologies and materials for high-end applications.

Customer Story

What’s new in our Geomagic Design X 2022?


Reverse engineering is set to become easier and more efficient thanks to our industry-leading software that helps bring physical parts into digital parametric CAD models.

Product News

Oqton's innovative software multiplies our production efficiency


Staying innovative in a highly competitive market, whilst being efficient and productive

Customer Story

Changing the face of craniomaxillofacial surgery


Achieving optimal craniomaxillofacial implant fitting

Customer Story

Oqton & Eplus3D Enter Strategic Partnership to Transform Digital Dental Workflows


Companies will blend expertise in automation and additive manufacturing to bring improved productivity and traceability to customers.

Press Release

Amphyon 2022 Release


In this half hour video, Jonas Baumeister introduces you to the Amphyon 2022 updates, the new features and why you should download them now.

On-demand Webinar

34 minutes

A Holistic Approach to Additive Manufacturing


The rise in AM is driving the need for a trusted, end-to-end solution becomes increasingly necessary for early adopters. Join Stratasys and Oqton to learn why you need to take a holistic approach to AM.

On-demand Webinar

1 hour

Leveraging AI to automate your dental production processes


Team Ziereis and Oqton teamed up for a webinar on Oqton's intelligent manufacturing OS for dental labs. Watch the webinar and discover how AI can automate your dental production processes.

On-demand Webinar

37 minutes

Asano adopted Oqton's Geomagic 3D scanning technologies to transform its design and quality assurance processes


Designing aftermarket automotive parts

Customer Story

Impossible Creations calls on Oqton’s digital workflow for the King’s car


Creating an accurate 3D replica of a design that would otherwise be lost to history.

Customer Story

Geosciences and libraries turn to Geomagic Wrap from Oqton in wake of disaster


Bringing knowledge and awareness of sinkholes with the help of Geomagic Wrap® 3D scanning software.

Customer Story

3D reverse engineering software delivers results for Formula SAE team


Formula SAE® is an international collegiate competition that challenges students to design, develop and competitively race a Formula-style racecar.

Customer Story

Kindig-it Design builds cooler cars faster with Oqton’s Geomagic Control X and Design X


Pushing boundaries, doing the most with the time that they have, and making nicer cars is what they’re ultimately after.

Customer Story

Graft3D design and 3D prints patient-specific dental implants with 3D technology


Restoring an edentulous jaw using 3D technology

Customer Story

Cummins uses Oqton’s Geomagic software and metal 3D printing to get 1952 race car running again 50% faster


Reverse engineer and 3D print a new water pump housing.

Customer Story

KU Leuven takes metal AM research to the next level with Oqton’s 3DXpert software


With almost 30 years of additive manufacturing (AM) research and as the third largest contributor to AM, the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium is one of the leading AM academic institutes in the world.

Customer Story

Advancing metal AM productivity with 3DXpert at MTI


MTI serves a variety of customers in aerospace, defense, nuclear, and medical applications.

Customer Story

Penn State Master Program students gain AM expertise with Oqton’s 3DXpert and Geomagic Software


The program combines multi-disciplinary, theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience acquired in the Penn State AM facilities.

Customer Story

2022 update: Fast lattice simulation, multi-material support and further enhancements


With the maturing of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, novel and exciting applications have been explored, expanding the former boundaries of manufacturing significantly.

Product News

Improving additive manufacturing production efficiencies with Oqton's Manufacturing OS


3D Systems are implementing the Oqton Manufacturing OS to remove pain points in their additive manufacturing process and plan ahead for more efficient production.

Customer Story

5 Ways DfAM Can Help Your Design Process


Watch our on demand webinar on generative design and discover 5 ways that DfAM can help your design process.

On-demand Webinar

23 minutes

PrinterPrezz Automates End-to-End Manufacturing Workflow with Oqton


Moving away from a manual paper-based system to an automated and digital approach

Customer Story

Emerson Greatly Improves Additive Manufacturing Efficiency with 3DXpert


3DXpert all-in-one additive manufacturing software helps Emerson gain new levels of efficiency, productivity, and repeatability using existing fleet of metal printers.

Customer Story

ZYXDENT 3D Digital Center


The ZYXDENT 3D Digital Center started out as a dental laboratory in Spain 25 years ago, but its spirit of improvement and collaboration with strategic partners such as Oqton has allowed them to expand vertically and become a digital center.

Customer Story

A “mind-blowing step forward” thanks to Oqton


When TEAMZIEREIS launched 21 years ago, gold was still the main material for dental tooth replacements. However, after the economic crisis in 2008, the cost of gold skyrocketed, and the industry had to reinvent itself.

Customer Story

Emerging Trends in the Welding Industry Explained by Belgian Welding Institute Experts


While we step into the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, its crucial to understand disruptions driving this digital transformation, such as big data, robotics, advanced analytics, machine learning, 3D printing, etc.


Year In Review - 2021


2021 was a special year for Oqton. Overcoming challenges and creating new opportunities, we learned valuable lessons and expanded our vision for future growth. We are grateful to partners, customers, and employees for making all our goals happen and being with us through each important milestone.


Supporting innovation for future


Dental-Labor Volkmer has been a successful family-run business for over 50 years in Germany. Active in three locations with more than 120 employees, it has steadily grown and maintained the charm of a family-owned company

Customer Story

Oqton to Showcase Its Expanded Software Portfolio at Formnext 2021


Oqton will showcase an expanded software portfolio that can complement its MOS. These technologies help customers automate their digital manufacturing workflows, scale their operations and enhance their competitive position.

Press Release

Nexa3D partners with Oqton to meet accelerating demand for additively manufactured dental appliances


Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast polymer 3D printers, today announced that it partnered with AI powered manufacturing software leader Oqton.

Press Release

Oqton Named One of the 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Tech Solution Providers in 2021 by CIO Review Magazine


CIO Review selected Oqton as one of its 20 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology Solution Providers.

In the news

Amnovis obtains ISO 13485 certification for innovative additive manufacturing processes supported by oqton


Additive manufacturing trailblazer Amnovis has achieved ISO 13485 certification for meeting demanding, internationally agreed quality management standards.

Press Release

"Insane" cost and productivity improvements


Crown Ceram, the French dental prosthetics company, have been a successful family-run firm for almost 40 years.

Customer Story

3D Systems to Drive Adoption of Additive Manufacturing in Production Environments with the Acquisition of Oqton


Oqton will operate as independent organization and solution platform company, ensuring data security and confidentiality for customers

Press Release

Oqton named Stratasys GrabCAD® Software Partner


A global SaaS company, has joined the GrabCAD Software Partner Program as a thought leading global software provider, with their state-of-the art manufacturing operating system.

Press Release

HP certifies Oqton as a member of the 3D API partner program


Oqton is delighted to announce that as of last month (August 2021) it has received certification from HP, a global leader in manufacturing 3D printers based on its MultiJet Fusion (MJF) technology.

In the news

Oqton Serves as Key Platform for Additive Manufacturing Production Efficiency at EOS


EOS is a leading provider of responsible manufacturing solutions for metal and polymer-based industrial 3D printing technology based on the laser powder bed fusion process.

Press Release

Turning designs into reality with Oqton


Custom Color 3D Printing is a fast-growth start-up based in Chicago, USA, specializing in a range of services including production polymer additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

Customer Story

Intelligent Connection Enables Capturing, Collating & Controlling of Data


The industrial internet of things (IIoT) centres around one core proposition — the digitalisation of data.


When we say an end-to-end workflow solution – what do we mean?


Have you noticed how frequently the phrases “end-to-end” and “workflow” are utilised as part of the lexicon within the additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing industry these days? There is a good reason for that.


Prodways integrates Oqton for better end-to-end control of the manufacturing process


Prodways has established a partnership with Oqton, now offering Oqton software on its machines.

Press Release

Connected, Intelligent & Automated Workflows for (Additive) Manufacturing


Manufacturing Execution System – or MES – can come across as a rather generic term, but understanding the real meaning and implementing it in a factory is about as important as it gets for any manufacturing operation.


Oqton raises 40M Series A financing round


Oqton, Inc., a software company specialising in AI-powered solutions for the manufacturing industry, today announces that it has raised over $40M in a Series A financing round, led by Fortino Capital, a leading B2B software investor, by PMV, the regional Flemish investment fund, and by Sandvik, a global engineering group.

Press Release

Oqton integrates EOS software for seamless additive manufacturing workflows


Oqton and EOS announce the deep integration of EOS software capabilities into Oqton. This partnership enables an unprecedented tight connection of manufacturing software and hardware.

Press Release

The D3D 30 — DEVELOP3D


A round-up of 30 new technologies from around the world that Develop3D firmly believes could give your 2020 product development work a major boost.

In the news

3D Printing Software — DigitalAlloys


Oqton was mentioned as a leading company in an article by Digital Alloys covering different categories of 3D printing software and how they fit together in an AM workflow.

In the news

3D Printing News From Formnext 2019 Graded — DEVELOP3D


Oqton was graded A+ in the list of all major announcements of Formnext 2019.

In the news

Oqton announces the first fully automated 3D inspection machine


Determining the quality of manufactured parts has always been a challenge. It is not only time-consuming, it also requires significant effort and resources.


Moving toward large-scale production planning in additive manufacturing


Planning and scheduling for additive manufacturing at a factory scale opens up an incredible array of possibilities, but also poses challenges.


Oqton Does It All In Additive Manufacturing — Fabbaloo


Kerry Stevenson from Fabbaloo shares his perspective on Oqton.

In the news

Microfactories Move to Full Production – IndustryWeek


Four ways manufacturers, big or small, can benefit from technology breakthroughs. Oqton CTO Ben Schrauwen talks about how advances in technology are setting up microfactories to emerge as a new form of contract manufacturer.

In the news

Five Issues Industrial 3D Printing Needs to Solve to be the Future of Factories


For years, industrial 3D printing has been heralded as the 'future of factories' that will 'radically change the world', but it's still in the zone of inflated expectations. Five key challenges impact it's potential to revolutionize manufacturing.


AI and machine learning 2019 predictions – Dzone


In this Dzone article, Oqton CTO Ben Schrauwen and technology execs from companies like Mulesoft and New Relic share their predictions for the coming year.

In the news

Artificial Intelligence and the coming of the self-designing machine – Ars Technica


'Manufacturing is in the early stages of a state of disruption brought on by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing.' Oqton CTO Ben Schrauwen lends his perspective to the first day of the Ars UNITE 'virtual conference'.

In the news

‘The fear of AI is exaggerated’ –


Trends Magazine interviews Oqton CTO Ben Schrauwen about AI and the founding of Oqton.

In the news

Stop thinking AI vs human, think AI with human – CMS Wire


Because of our vision of making AI-driven factories accessible to manufacturers, we often get asked to provide thoughts on what AI means for humans in the manufacturing workplace. In this article, Oqton CTO Ben Schrauwen...

In the news

Overcoming the three big challenges of IIOT data


Manufacturers we speak to say that they’re gathering industrial IoT (IIoT) data from their factories but aren’t necessarily getting the anticipated insights and benefits they expected due to these three challenges.


Promising Smart Factories for All –


Oqton CEO and co-founder Samir Hanna is featured in this article, talking about the Oqton vision and manufacturing's need for an open, accessible and affordable operating system.

In the news

Bringing the “vision of autonomous manufacturing to reality” – TCT Magazine


Ben Schrauwen talks with TCT Magazine about how Oqton is addressing autonomous manufacturing and the factory of the future.

In the news

Learning how to be lean - AI as the key to continuous improvement


AI and machine learning are poised to turbocharge lean manufacturing, as their continuously-improving models translate into continuously-improving operations on the factory floor.


From automation to autonomy - how the new era of robots will revolutionize manufacturing


“Automation” and “autonomy”, though often conflated, are distinct concepts in industrial manufacturing. Autonomy has incredible potential, but in order to achieve it, the robots are going to have to be able to program - and reprogram - themselves.


The Three Waves of Innovation that are Changing Manufacturing


The internet, AI, and blockchain. Three waves of technological innovation that are poised to completely transform manufacturing.


Carl Bass Joins Oqton Board of Directors


We're excited to announce that Carl Bass is joining our board as an independent director of Oqton.

In the news

Why we’re still waiting on Industry 4.0


We’ve been on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for a while, and it’s still not clear when or how it will come to fruition. But we can identify the issues we need to overcome to make the leap...


Don’t blame the robots: factory automation is harder than it looks


Elon Musk recently commented that Tesla has suffered from “too many robots,” that factory automation slowed the Model 3’s production, instead of making it faster. We agree it’s hubris to assume...